Birthday Boy: Maru the Cat!

 maru the cat birthday may 24 sl

If there’s one thing you can find plenty of on the internet, it’s videos of cats! Cute little animals have been tugging on our heartstrings since the dawn of time–and one cat in particular really has the world’s attention! Maru is a male Scottish fold cat who lives with his owner in Japan and has amassed an incredible following on YouTube. With a cute face like that, who can be surprised? Maru’s name means circle, or round, which is quite fitting seeing as he is a short and stout fur-ball who loves to curl up and sleep. From his big round eyes to his stubby legs, this little guy encapsulates the perfect essence of a cat.

The capricious kitty–born on May 24th, 2007–has garnered more than 200 million views on YouTube alone. His owner, who does not show herself or speak in the videos, posts clips of Maru under the account name “mugumogu”. Each video often has a brief introduction or title and features Maru the cat engaging in expectedly unexpected feline behaviors such as sleeping in sinks, jumping into tiny cardboard boxes, and playing with vacuum cleaners. He has been featured in Entertainment Weekly, The New York Times, and multiple commercials. As of December 2011, the YouTube channel that Maru’s owner operates was the seventh most subscribed in all of Japan. There have even been a few books and DVDs released featuring Maru!

Sometimes lazy, sometimes crazy, and always 110% adorable, Maru has amassed tons of fans simply by being his funny feline self. You can count us among them! Today he is turning six years old and we hope to keep seeing videos of him for years to come. Happy birthday, Maru! We’re celebrating with two classic clips–and one more collection of marvelous Maru moments…