Giving a Little Christmas Joy: Best Gifts for Moms


Have you ever had someone ask what your want for Christmas or your birthday and your mind just goes blank? It isn’t that you don’t want or need anything, but sometimes you get so wrapped up in making sure everyone else has what they need you don’t spend a lot of time focusing on your wants and needs. Whether you are a mom looking for ideas to gift other mamas or you just need an answer for your persistent grandmother who has called every day this week demanding an answer so she can finish her Christmas shopping this week, here are a few ideas that will satisfy almost anyone:

A gift card

Gift cards do not have to be impersonal. Choosing a gift card for mom’s favorite coffee spot or bookstore is personal and ensures that they will spend the money on themselves, not on bills. Gift cards are flexible in cost, easy to mail and usually do not expire for at least a year.  If you are the type of mom who cannot be trusted to spend Christmas cash on you, a gift card for a specific store you enjoy is the perfect way to make it easier to spend a little money on yourself.

An experience

Instead of buying your favorite mom-friend, another purse that she will never use, because she does not want to ruin it with melted crayons and forgotten treats, consider something a little less functional. Buying an experience, such as a day at the spa or a weekend getaway, give the mom something they really need: time for herself. Other “experiences” that make great gifts: theater tickets, movie tickets, concert tickets or a free photography session for the family.

One of the best gifts I ever received was a day at the spa. My husband and a few family members chipped in to send me away for a few hours when our first-born was six months old. Friends took turns babysitting free so I did not have to worry about our little girl. That was almost seven years ago and I am still dropping hints that I would not mind another one of those for any holiday.

Free babysitting

If you want to make a mom happy, give her the gift of free babysitting. For many moms, getting time away to do something alone is often more than a lack of desire. Hiring sitters is not always in the budget and springing for a day at the spa plus a sitter is often not even an option. Whether you offer to babysit yourself or provide vouchers for a professional service, this gift idea is perfect for single or married moms who need a little break but also need a little help.

Taking time to personalize a gift that she can use for herself will go a long way to making your gift choice a success. Avoid gifts that create more work (anything for the kitchen — unless she likes to bake — and household appliances). Take time to send the right gift or ask for the right gift and make the holiday season a little brighter.

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