5 Fun Bath Time Games That Your Little Ones Will Love

Dinner has been eaten, the kids are winding down to their favorite episode of Fanboy and Chumchum, and you know it’s time, but you delay because you’re not mentally prepared for the headache to come. Reluctant, you utter those three words that you know your toddlers hate to hear: “It’s bath time.” Cries and screams are followed quickly by your headache, and the next 45 minutes is an uphill battle. Does this sound familiar? Why not make bath time fun? With these five bath games, bath time will become a treasured time of laughter for you and your little ones.


What child doesn’t love a good puppet show? Who says that the puppet show has to take place on a stage or in the playroom or even during play time? Give it a try – buy waterproof puppets, or even make your own out of washcloths and foam paper. This is an extremely versatile game in that puppet personalities are limitless and can be repeated every night. Your little ones will eventually look forward to seeing, “Sud-zy the Sea Lion” and get excited to hear his stories. Better yet, your children will eventually want to control the puppets themselves, and will entertain each other (not to mention, you)!

Silly Sing-a-long

Silly sing-a-longs are simply the best. If you’re looking for an easy game with some gut-wrenching laughter, just start singing. Sing to a tune that your child will recognize (like Row-Row-Row Your Boat), and make up some crazy bath-time lyrics. Be silly, and then let your child chime in with some lyrics! What comes out of your toddlers mouth will have you rolling, and inevitably inspire more silly lyrics from you. Your toddler will love the chance to be silly with you, even if you’re scrubbing while you’re doing it!

Hair Sculpting

Don’t you remember doing this as a kid? It’s simple, it’s easy, and it generates laughs time and time again. Grab your tear-free shampoo, lather it in your little ones hair, and form a huge mohawk. Hold up a mirror and watch your child light up when they see what you’ve done. Have more than one little in the tub? Open up the hair salon, and sit back and watch while you let them do each other’s hair.

I Spy

This can be as classic as the game you play riding down the road in the car, or as special as involving a waterproof flashlight. “I Spy with My Little Eye,” the classic version, is great for your younger toddlers. If they’re old enough, cut off the lights and hand them the flashlight (you may want to leave a night light on or the door cracked for a little light for you), and have them point things out with the flashlight as they guess what you’re spying. If you make it a quiet game, the only peep you’ll hear will be the sounds of little giggles as they figure it all out.


Of all the hundreds of bathtub toys you own, it’s inevitable that some sinks and some floats. Turn your child into a life guard, and put them in charge of “rescuing” all the sunken toys. Time them so they feel a fun sense of urgency, and reward them with cheers and a high five when they save all the lives!

Little kids are not very complex when it comes to making things fun. Oftentimes, if we as adults allow ourselves to get silly, and if we change our attitudes and dedicate bath time to good fun, we’ll succeed in making bath time the highlight of their day.

What are some of your favorite bathgames?