Basic Home Repairs All Women Should Know

Let’s face it ladies, it can get frustrating when you are in a predicament when something breaks and you don’t have your significant other around or someone you can call on that you may know to help you out. Calling a repair company can be out of the questions sometimes because most of the time you want to save money and not just throw it away on repair that you can do yourself. Don’t fret though because here are some basic home repairs to put in your knowledge bank without having to wait on someone else to come to your rescue.

Basic home repairs to know:

Resetting the Fuse Box

Ever had times where you may have too many things plugged in and running at the same time and all of a sudden, the power goes out? Usually a trip in the fuse box is the cause and simply needs to be reset. This restores the power in your home or in a specific area of your home.

Plumbing Repairs

One of the biggest problems in home repair is the plumbing. Depending on the situation, it can be a simple fix or one that can be costly if the situation is not corrected in a timely manner. One common annoyance is a dripping tap which can drive anyone crazy, but the repair can be simple to do.

Patching Holes in the Wall

Holes in the wall can come from anywhere that a door knob may bang into the wall when you are not careful. A hole in a wall can even happen if you are trying to hang a picture frame up, but may have hammered a nail in a soft part of the wall creating a small hole.

Keeping the Vacuum Working

Definitely an appliance that should be kept in good maintenance is the vacuum cleaner. Keeping your vacuum cleaner in good working order will give your pockets a rest from having to buy a new one sooner than you need to and to keep in running and doing what it needs to do for clean floors.

More Basic Home Repairs Know How

You can find many basic home repair information online such as tutorials on YouTube or if you prefer a more hands on approach, taking classes at your local community college. You can even learn from how-to demonstrations that home improvement stores provide for free. Once you become confident and comfortable with making home repairs, they will be second nature to you.  As Kellie of T-Square Properties says, home repairs are not only for men anymore!

Are you comfortable in doing basic home repairs on your own?

 Image: iStockPhoto