Back to School Lunch Tips & Ideas

back to school lunch tips

Most kids have already started back to school with there bookbags and lunch boxes in hand. Other than breakfast, lunch is also a great way to make sure your child is eating healthy. These back to school lunch ideas and tips will make your kids not want to trade away their foods.

School Lunch Box Ideas

Turkey & Chees Pita Pockets
Spread a creamy cheese inside of a whole wheat pita. Fill the pita with roast turkey slices, cucumber slices and baby spinach.

BBQ Chicken Sloppy Joes
Toss carrots, chopped tomatoes and shredded rotisserie chicken with BBQ auce and heat through. Place into a airtight container. Pack with a whole wheat hamburger bun so the kids can assemble their sandwich at lunch.

Italian Hero Sub
Toss thinly sliced iceberg lettuce with a mixture of mayonnaise and yellow mustard. On a split hoagie roll, begin to assemble the sandwich with turkey, tomatoes, provolone, salami and the iceberg lettuce mixture.

Copycat Pizza Lunchable
In three small condiment cups, add pepporoni in one, marinera sauce in another and shredded mozzarella cheese in the last one. Add these inside of a compartment container along with two whole wheat bread rounds and fruit such as grapes.

School Lunch Box Tips

Here are a few tips that can not only make your kids smile, but also keep lunch boxes from becoming a mess.

Freeze clean, wet sponges to use as ice packs. Place the wet sponges in a ziplock bag and as they unfreeze, the water will stay in the plastic bag.

Freeze juice boxes the night before. They will stay cold until lunch time, plus are drinkable ice packs.

Keep sliced apples from turning brown by using a rubber band. Once the apples have been sliced, line the slices up against the core to make the apple whole again and wrap the rubber band around the apple.

Use cookie cutters to make different shapes with sandwiches and fruits.

Divide compartments are an excellent way to cut down on packaging and to keep everything in their separate spaces.

Use leftovers from breakfast such as pancakes or waffles.

Add cute faces with stickers to food. Wrap up a sandwich or special treats and create funny faces with the stickers.

Do your kids bring their lunch to school?

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