Back to School Healthy Breakfast Ideas

healthy breakfast

I have to say that I’m guilty of giving my kids poptarts for breakfast or cold cereal. It’s a rare occasion that they may have a warm breakfast to eat before heading to school such as pancakes, but I’m sure you know how the morning goes and time is always a crunch.

The Grab & Go Breakfasts

Muffins – These can be made ahead of time, like on Sunday morning or afternoon. If you are in a mad dash on school morning, then they can grab a muffin to eat on the way. Mix with a favorite fruit such as strawberries or add oatmeal.

Hardboiled eggs – Eggs are a great food to give your kids protein and you can boil and peel them the night before. In the morning, your kids can have a quick and easy meal.

The Five Minute Breakfasts

Sandwiches – Grilled cheese or even a peanut butter sandwich can be a healthy breakfast. The best bread to use is whole wheat and you can pair either of the sandwiches with fruit.

Smoothies – Have your kids choose their favorite fruit and even vegetables in the blender. Add a straw and wallah! Instant breakfast.

Parfaits – This is very simple and quick to make. All you need is yogurt and various fruits. Layer the ingredients in a dish or cup and sprinkle with granola. It may look fancy, but very delicious to eat.

Oatmeal – There are all kinds of variety of oatmeal on the market, but your kids can make oatmeal as their own. Use plain oatmeal and they can add fruit or a little bit of honey or brown sugar to sweeten. Get a little creative by using raisin to spell out initials of their name.

These healthy alternatives breakfast will get your kids started on the right foot first thing in the morning. These will not only fill their stomachs, but will keep them focus on their school activities without feeling hungry before lunch time. Keep these items stocked in your fridge and pantry and your kids will eat healthy every morning.

What are your kids favorite breakfast to eat?

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