Tips & Tricks for Baby Proofing In Any Space

No matter if you live in an apartment or a large house, babies always find a way to get into things they’re not suppose to. Luckily, in the video above, Samika Vlogs and Jin are showing you how to make your home safer for your baby. They are giving tips and tricks for baby proofing in any space.

Start with the wall outlets, drawers, cabinets, and wires. Check the baby aisle in stores for baby proofing items, and focus on the main things that your baby seems to be attracted to. Rearrange your furniture to cover many of the danger zones in your home. Pillows are great for blocking the baby’s access to things. Hide those wires and cords by using zip lines and placing items in front of them that will distract kids. Use the special protective covers for your wall outlets as well as covers for those sharp edges. They are inexpensive and very useful.

You may need a fireplace cover, gates, and a special room for your pets in order to further protect your kids. Get the special latches for your cabinets to keep them closed so babies won’t get into things. They are easy and simple to install.

Do you have any tips for baby proofing a home?