5 Easy Ways to Baby-Proof Your Home

Once your baby becomes mobile, crawling or walking, s/he will be into everything. Their curiosity will lead them to a lifetime of learning, but first, you’ll need to do some baby-proofing to keep them safe. Here are 5 easy ways to baby-proof your home.

#1 Outlet Covers

Outlet covers are plastic discs that plug into your outlets. When they’re plugged in, they prevent your child from sticking anything else in the outlet that could cause a shock. These little discs are very affordable, expect to spend a couple of dollars for a package of 20 or so. Then, place them in every outlet that’s below waist level throughout your home. Even if you think your child will never be in the guest room, cover those as well. The baby-proofing phase is at least 5-6 years, so do it now and you’ll be done. If you need to use the outlet, simply remove the disc and the outlet is ready.

#2 Cover the Sharp Edges

When you get to looking, you’ll probably be amazed at the number of sharp edges and corners that could harm a new walker or crawler. There are several special covers for fireplaces, coffee table edges, etc. You can also improvise with things like pool noodles or tennis balls cut to fit over table corners. Even a temporary solution with a towel and some tape will do the trick.

#3 Safety Latches for Cupboards

Your curious baby will open those cupboards and play with whatever’s inside. Safety latches will prevent access and are easy to install and remove without altering the cabinet. Don’t rely exclusively on the latch, however. Move cleaning supplies and other potentially hazardous household cleaners to a higher cabinet or store in the garage, pantry or an area that’s “off-limits” to your baby.

#4 Rethink from the Waist-Down

Many parents of toddlers will tell you that their house is “boring from the waist down.” That is, once you have kiddos, the expensive vase, vintage photo frame, and sculpture you picked up at a charity auction should never be displayed in an area under about 4 feet. That’s the kid-zone and they will invariable find your items and think they are play toys. Go through your home and pick up anything from the waist-level down that isn’t appropriate for your child to play with.

#5 Baby Gates

Invest in a few baby gates to keep kids out of areas where they shouldn’t be. Gates are also great for keeping pets away from kids, keeping both kids and pets out of the kitchen during meal prep, and for blocking staircases. When your child figures out how to climb out of their crib, a baby gate can prevent them from wandering around before you realize they’ve escaped!

These five easy ways to baby-proof your home are just a few of the things you’ll need to be thinking about as your little one becomes more mobile. With a few modifications, you can make your home safe for a curious kid.

Do you have any tips to help a new parent baby-proof their home?