August is Get Ready for Kindergarten Month! Here’s Our Checklist!


Well, moms, August is upon us. Do you know what that means? That means it’s Get Ready for Kindergarten Month. It makes sense, really. Sure, all kids are about to enter a new grade in August, but Kindergarten is a big, big step. Some might argue that August should be Get Ready for High School Month, but we’re pretty sure most 14-year-old kids would just roll their eyes at that. So, Kindergarten it is.  [homepage photo via Jeff Swensen/Getty Images]

Kindergarten is a pretty big deal. Parents are worried about their kids — will they make friends? Will they be too homesick? — and, come the first day of school, most kids are pretty worried about letting go of their mom’s hand. But, hey, that’s why it’s good that Get Ready for Kindergarten Month exists. You and your little one have time to prepare yourselves. And we’re here to help. Below, you’ll find a check list of things to do before September comes. Do as many or as few as you’d like!

1. Books! Books! Books!

Get your little one excited about the first day of school through stories! Use one of these suggestions for your next bedtime story!

Adventure Annie Goes to Kindergarten, by Toni Buzzeo 

Countdown to Kindergarten, by Alison McGhee 

A Place Called Kindergarten, by Jessica Harper 

2. Get Familiar!

Take your kid(s) to the new school! Let them play on the playground and explore a bit. They’re bound to be more comfortable if they’re familiar with their surroundings.

3. New Friends!

If you know some of your neighbors’ kids are going to be attending the same school, schedule playdates throughout August so your child is more comfortable with the other students on the first day.

4. Research!

Do some adult-friendly research on the Internet. What will your kids be learning? How can you prepare them for the new school year in terms of the classroom? There are plenty of informational sites, so get to browsing!

5. Go Shopping!

It might be sad to admit, but even five-year-old kids are more confident if they like what they’re wearing and toting. It’s the perfect time to spoil your little one. They’ll love walking into the first day of school with a brand new Harry Potter lunchbox.

Now, these are just five pre-Kindergarten — in the non-PreK sense of the word — steps. Each child is different, so you know what’s best in terms of preparation for your own family. Happy August!