Romantic (And Fun!) Anniversary Date Night Ideas

Once a year, you get a chance to reminisce over your wedding day with your spouse, and celebrate your love together as you recount the years that have gone by. Married couples who stick it out through hard times find that love strengthens over time as they grow to become part of one another, to understand each other in ways that no one else does. Marriage is one of life’s greatest blessings, but it’s definitely not easy. Anniversaries should be celebrated in big ways, and in whatever way appeals to each specific couple; they’ve loved, laughed, sacrificed and grappled their way through another year, so a big celebration is definitely in order. That’s why we’ve rounded up some great anniversary date night ideas!

Go Back to Your Wedding Spots

For couples who have been married several years and are pretty far removed from their wedding day and night, it’ll be such a treat to re-visit some sentimental places from around that time. Go stay for a night in the hotel you stayed at on your wedding night, have a candlelit dinner at the venue where you said your vows or book a trip to the same resort where you honeymooned. Re-visiting these places will jog the memory and allow you both a precious trip down memory lane.

Do What it Takes to Get Away

For couples who have kids and whose lives are currently dominated by schedules and sports practices and carpool lines – these couples are the very ones who will say, “we’ll do something big next year when we’re less busy,” and these are the very couples who need time away the most. Do whatever it takes to clear your schedule and to get away from every day life. You may not even realize the toll that everyday life has taken on your relationship until your away from it all together and able to rekindle that flame. Take a week, if you can, and go somewhere amazing where you can relax and spend time together.

Make it a Big Night Out

For couples that just can’t commit financially to a big trip, or don’t have the time – consider a night out of the house. Spring for a nicer-than-usual dinner, and book a stay at a nice hotel where you’ll feel pampered. The idea is to free yourselves of all obligation: kids, cleaning, mealtime, and to connect with each other without being interrupted.

Head Back to Where You Had Your First Date

For especially sentimental couples who aren’t interested in spending a lot of money, consider re-living your first date. If it was dinner and a movie, do that exact same thing. If it was a picnic in the park, go back to that park and eat the same foods you did years ago. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to celebrate your relationship and re-live the memories that you treasure.

No matter what your budget, your expectations, or your taste, be sure that you celebrate in a big way because you and your spouse deserve it.

Do you have any great anniversary date night ideas?