Teenage Kids May Make Angelina Jolie Retire [VIDEO]

We’ve always thought that things were going to get easier when the children hit their teens and can start to maintain their own lives. Now we’re worried that Angelina Jolie knows something that we don’t. Here she is discussing how her plentiful offspring might have her ready to retire from the silver screen once they hit the teenage years. We’re willing to admit that we don’t quite live like Angelina–but we thought that explained why movies stars like her never have to retire. It’s pretty frightening to think of someone like Angelina saying, “Oh, working a few months out of the year to make millions of dollars just isn’t worth not being around to make sure my kids are attending their SAT classes.” Anyway, here’s Angelina pondering her future. Watch it and try not to think of how it makes us feel over here pondering our own…