Halloween decorating for Grownups

adult halloween decorations

I love the fall. I love that breeze that’s just a little too cold mixed with the warm sun. I love to watch the leaves change, and in Utah they change spectacularly! I love the smell of pumpkin pie and that feeling of fall. I hate winter. But I love the months drawing up to, it’s like a spectacular farewell to summer. There’s truly something special about standing among orange and red and yellow leaves, with the sun shining just right. It’s my own piece of heaven and I now incorporate it into more adult Halloween decorations.

Now that I have kids who are old enough to appreciate Halloween, it’s one of my favorite holidays (digging into their stash when they are asleep isn’t a bad reason to love Halloween either!). I like the idea of decorating for Halloween but I hate the blood-dripping vampires, zombies and gory details. I’m more than happy to hang a few bats outside, but if I want to bring Halloween inside, I’ve got to get creative. Here are a few of my favorite ways to bring Halloween (or even just the beauty of fall) inside the house without turning my living room into the Haunted Mansion.

Adult Halloween Decorations

Incorporate dried leaves: The beautifully colored leaves are one of my favorite parts of the fall. Dry leaves can be used to create decorate jars, wall hangings and shadow boxes. To dry leaves out you can use a microwave oven or the tried and true book-press option.

Once your leaves are dry, use them to decorate old jars, create bouquets, candles and wreathes. For a super simple, but attractive decoration, hang a single dried leaf inside a small picture frame. Choose a white or brightly colored frame for an extra pop of color.

Think outside the pumpkin: Pumpkins are an excellent way to decorate. You can easily create a unique centerpiece for your table incorporating pumpkins, squash and other fall vegetation. Another way to use pumpkins is to create grown-up designs in paint, glitter, jewels, ribbon or whatever other crafty items you have lying around. One super simple idea: coat the entire outside of a smaller to medium sized pumpkin in hodge-podge or glue and cover it in glitter. Any color will work, you can even create designs using two different colors like silver and black.

Keeping it real: Fall is all about apples, corn, pumpkins and squash. Luckily, this décor also translates well into Halloween themes. Decorate using bright red apples, squashes, pumpkins, cranberries and nuts. These beautiful pieces are edible too!

The Basics of Adult Halloween Decorations

Bring the fall inside and embrace the season of Halloween in your own grown-up way. By focusing more on fall colors, the décor can last you from September through November without feeling like it’s overstayed its welcome.

Do you have any adult Halloween Decoration Ideas to share?