8 Energy Boosting Tips Every Mom Should Know

Energy Tips for Mom

Face it — moms are supposed to be on the top of their game 24/7. But even on the best of days, you’ll find times that your energy just sags. You’ll hit a sudden lull where it seems like you really just can’t keep going. When a long nap is out of the question, try these energy tips!

Guzzle a large glass of water. Mild dehydration can affect your body even before you feel thirsty, and may leave you with headaches, fatigue, and lack of energy. Take a second to down a large glass of cold water. Make sure to get in at least 8 ounces. Better, yet make sure to drink several large glasses of water throughout the day.

Take a bath or shower. A quick shower, including a head massaging shampoo, can easily reinvigorate you. You’ll feel more alert and fresher. Use bath or shower gels for an added “oomph” from your favorite smell.

Get moving. Don’t feel guilty if you can’t get in a full hour of exercise or even a half hour. Anything that gets you moving will help your energy level, even if it is only for a few minutes. Take a quick walk around the block or just do some stretches. Put on some music and dance around while you make the kids’ lunches.

Be sure to eat breakfast. A cup of coffee and piece of toast does not equal a healthy start to the day. Instead, make sure to have “real” food items such as non-sugary cereal (oatmeal is ideal), a bagel or toast with peanut butter, fruit, eggs, and juice.

Keep your blood sugar steady. Although it is tempting to grab a candy bar or soda when you feel tired, the energy burst from the processed sugar lasts for a only a short time before you crash, feeling more tired than before. Large fluctuations in your blood sugar can be rough on your energy level. Instead, eat regular small snacks such as yogurt, protein bars, trail mix, peanut butter crackers or cheese sticks throughout the day.

Spend real time with your child. At the end of the day, if all of your interactions with your child are about getting dressed, eating meals, doing homework and other mundane struggles, you’ll feel wrung out. Instead, give yourself a boost of energy by doing something simply fun with your child, preferably something that makes you both laugh.

Break your hoarding habits. A messy desk, bedroom or kitchen counter can be a serious energy drain. A messy area simply serves to remind you of all the things you haven’t gotten done and still need to do. If you don’t have time for an overhaul, simply file the loose papers that are on your desk, hang up clean clothes in your bedroom, or clear off clutter from the kitchen counter.

Grab some peppermint. Peppermint oil has long been revered as a natural stimulant. The scent acts as a mood enhancer to boost your motivation and concentration. Any peppermint scent will do, whether it is a hard candy, lip gloss, hand lotion or an aromatherapy essence.


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