7 Incredibly Useful Gift Ideas for A New Mother

Snack Gift boxHaving a new baby brings so many new adventures… aside from the warm and fuzzy ones, the kinds where you lose sleep, sometimes your mind and really start to appreciate the tiniest things that can make your day go just a little bit easier.

If you have a friend who just had a brand-new bundle of joy, her are 6 incredibly useful gift ideas for the new mom in your life…

Invest in a snack gift box subscription.

Finding time to eat as a new mom can be daunting. Cooking can be difficult, especially for single moms. Snack boxes make healthy eating on the go easy and fun. From nuts to dried fruits, snack subscriptions can be personalized for moms who are breastfeeding, providing both mom and baby with the nutrients they need.

Create a bedtime basket.

Whether or not moms get much sleep or not, new moms spend a lot of time wishing they did. That might mean staying comfy in PJs for the day, snuggling up to a warm Sherpa blanket while baby naps on her chest or needing a cooling eye mask to cool off the headache that developed from a 2 a.m. cryfest. Just like a snack gift box subscription, this gift will be used more than once and on days when it is really needed most.

Give a book of baby-sitting coupons.

Everyone says call if you need anything… but when they aren’t specific it can make asking for help difficult. Creating a gift book of coupons is a great way to get specific about offering help. Here’s some ideas to get you started:

– “This coupon is good for one night of free baby-sitting. No worrying allowed!”

– This coupon is good for one dinner drop-off. Don’t worry. We won’t stay!”

– This coupon is good for one nap. Give me a call and I will come sit with baby while you get your beauty sleep.”

Wrap up a gift set for a luxurious bath time.

Every mom knows that bath time is a luxury… even if you just get to hop in for a quick minute. Make that time even more special with a gift set. If you craft it on your own, you can find mom’s favorite scented candles, Epsom salt for her tired, achy muscles and a soft robe for hopping out and heading straight to bed. Make this gift extra special by providing a matching bath set and robe for baby. Some moms find they can get a bath easier if they bring baby along for their too.

Give a wine subscription to moms who are not breastfeeding their baby.

A glass of wine can be exactly what moms need to settle their new mom anxiety. From Rose to white wines, whatever mom likes, a subscription will surprise her with a different wine to try each month. To make this gift extra special, provide an extra plush blanket for cozying up by the fireside after baby has gone to sleep for the night. 

Send a meal prep kit to couple’s with a new baby.

If the new mother isn’t starting out motherhood solo, a meal prep kit is a great way to help her partner pamper her with home-cooked meals. Meal prep kits come with everything you need to create a five-star meal right at home. Subscription kits like this deliver food at temperature-controlled climates so that they always arrive to mom’s door fresh and ready to cook. If mom is going it alone, this idea can still work if you are a close friend willing to come over and do the cooking… while providing a little baby watching relief for mom.

Create a sick-day essentials kit.

One thing new moms don’t think about it usually is stocking the cabinets with infant medications. From gas drops to Tylenol, teething gel, saline drops and baby glycerine suppositories, while it might seem like not that exciting of a gift… it is a gift that gives mom a lot of peace of mind. A cold/hot pack is also a great addition. You can get a soft plush heating and cooling pad in the form of a stuffed animal that ties this little gift together.

Send mom a white noise machine she can control with her phone.

Sometimes when baby cannot sleep, they need to be soothed… but maybe don’t need to be fed or held just yet. Some noise machines can be programmed with your Bluetooth to change the white noise machine’s sound, volume and even the colors that they portray on the ceiling. This helps baby AND mom to get more sleep… without ever having to leave bed to adjust the settings.

Being a new mom is not always easy… in fact… it is far from easy. While being a mew mommy can be difficult, it gives us a chance to see how much our friends and family care about our well-being. Whether you decide to gift your friend with something that costs a pretty penny, something inexpensive but sentimental or just the free gift of being there whenever she needs you… the fact that you want to show your love — is plenty proof that you are a great friend… and mom is lucky to have you in her life.