7 Essentials to Buy at the Dollar Store This Season

Dollar Store

My little family loves to have fun and we love to shop. But we’re trying to save up for a vacation so our entertainment budget and our shopping budget have taken quite the slashing. Fortunately we’ve discovered a little gem called the “dollar store.” At a true dollar store everything costs a dollar. Skip the stores that claim to be dollar stores but only a few things are really $1. As new addicts of this cheap-skate heaven, we’ve quickly discovered a few things that save us tons but don’t really cost us much in quality. If you are aiming to save big, here are a few things you should hit the dollar store for.

7 Essentials to Buy at the Dollar Store This Season

Party supplies: Streamers, wrapping paper, gift bags, plates, table clothes etc. There is absolutely no reason to shell out $3 for a gift bag when you can get the same thing at the dollar store. This is one of the easiest to save ways during the holidays too, grab bows, wrapping paper and ribbons here and keep the extra cash in your wallet for something useful.

Snacks: One of our favorite things to do is have “family parties.” We grab some snacks, drag mattresses out into the living room and have a sleepover while we play games, watch a movie and hang out as a family. You’ll save a lot of money getting your snacks at the dollar store. They even have a few name brand items for $1, and the off brand items are pretty decent too (except the cheese puffs—skip those.) You can get your soda, juices, cookies and crackers all for $1.

Cleaning supplies: You can usually find dish soap, rags, sponges, bleach, window cleaner and other supplies here too. If you aren’t picky about the brand, this is your best option for keeping your house fresh and saving a bundle.

Makeup: I’m sold on the makeup. They sell Wet n Wild and E.L.F. makeup. Both are great products. E.L.F is my go-to for pretty much everything but the Wet n Wild nail polish and eye shadows are really nice too. And if my kids get their hands on the makeup, it’s nothing to cry about.

Dishes: Holiday dishes can be had for a $1. Can you hear me? One. Dollar. You could buy an entire set of plates, glasses and bowls for a family of four, for less than $20. Cha-Ching.

Coloring books etc:  Birthday gifts, stocking-stuffers and entertainment for the car come from the dollar store for this family. They have the exact same coloring books you can get for $2 or $3 at other store, for $1. Stock up on crayons, pencils, pens and other office supplies while you’re at it.

Personal Hygiene: Say hello to $1 for shampoos, conditioners, body soap, hand soap, lotion, toothpaste, brushes, hairbands, etc. Getting these items at the dollar store saves us at least $25 a month.

Save yourself a bundle this year and hit up the dollar store for as many household items as possible. It’s addicting, so don’t say I didn’t warn you!

What do you buy to save money at the Dollar Store?

Image: iStockPhoto