5 Tips for Stress-Free Holiday Baking

Stress free holiday baking with your child

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for all those that enjoy baking, including myself. Thanksgiving, Christmas and holiday parties endure weekly baking projects from cookies, pies and cakes filling up the kitchen space with the aromas of chocolate, pumpkin spices and other sugary goodies. However, it can get a little overwhelming when you may have so many things going at the same time.

Baking is tricky sometimes and I know when I bake for others, I want to try to bake things that everyone can enjoy, plus get to the destination without the desserts being ruined in the process. Holiday baking should not be stressful, which I know is easier said than done. So here are 5 tips for stress free holiday baking.

Get organized

Holiday baking cookies tips - get ingredients organized

First things, first. Have every item and dish that you need to use while you are baking. I try to have everything on hand so that I won’t have to run to the store for one forgotten item, something simple like eggs! Also, have a plan on what you are able to bake ahead of time, prior to the due date, so that you can focus more on the decorating or finishing touches.

Organize a cookie swap

cookie swap

Get together with a baking buddy or two and decide on what types of cookies that each of you enjoys making. You and your baking buddies can make a double batch each and then trade cookies with one another.

Invite your family into the kitchen

stress free holiday baking tips

I have to say that the kitchen is my domain and while I work, everyone has to stay out. However, if you are one that doesn’t mind help in the kitchen, then get your family involved in the baking too. This could get everything completed quicker and could be fun also.

Wrap it up

sugar cookies in a tin

Anyone likes homemade gifts, especially those that can be eaten. Your homemade cookies, brownies or candy can be wrapped up in holiday packaging or cellophane and tied with a colorful bow. These could be easily transported if you are traveling a long distance to a family member’s home.

Buy baked goodies

Bakery with rolls and cakes on display, Germany

So if you are not in the mood to bake this year, then don’t feel guilty to go and purchase ready made treats from your local bakery. Even the frozen section in the supermarket has pre-made desserts that you can pop in the oven to bake. I’ve done this before and it comes out just as delicious.

Do you have any stress free holiday baking tips to share?

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