5 Tips for the Advanced Couponer

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If you’re like me, watching the show Extreme Couponing gets you really excited. I always amazed at the mountains of merchandise these people walk out of the store with compared to what they actually spend. I, myself, have never managed to buy $500 worth of groceries and pay only $10, but I have gotten some really good deals. My goal is to someday be this good, and following the tips below will help me (and you!) get there.

1. The more the merrier!

Acquire as many coupons as you can. Purchase multiple subscriptions to your Sunday paper and ask friends and family for their ad inserts if they aren’t using them. Don’t forget about printable coupons online and search for coupon codes before making any purchase on the Internet. More coupons equals more savings!

2. Learn the language.

Advanced couponers have a language all their own. It’s important you learn what acronyms such as OYNO, MIR and BOGO mean to reap the most savings. Oh, and be leery of the word “sale.” Just because something is “on sale” doesn’t mean it amounts to big savings. Start keeping track of what things normally cost and decide if the sale will truly save you money.

3. Stay Organized!

Any extreme couponer knows that being organized is key to saving the most money. They never miss a great deal because they can’t find a certain coupon, or left it sitting in a pile on the kitchen table. Use whatever means necessary to keep your coupons organized and easily accessible just in case a great sale pops up unexpectedly.

4. Be mindful of others.

This is important since you’ll be the one possibly making things inconvenient for others with your extreme coupon shopping. If you’re just starting out, pick one store to get your feet wet. Don’t shop during peak times and your trip will go much smoother. Pick a cashier or two who don’t mind your loads of merchandise and mountain of coupons. Be friendly to them and try to warn customers behind you that you might be a while checking out. While you’re there to save money and stock up, many people are simply there to buy a few items on their way home from work, so be mindful and polite.

5. Know your P’s and Q’s.

Extreme couponers will run into snags quite often. Whether it’s a cashier who insists you can’t use two coupons together or a manager who declares your printed coupon unacceptable, it’s always something. Know your rights before you enter the store. Have a copy of the store’s coupon policy on hand to dispute any negativity you might encounter at the checkout. You can usually obtain a copy of your store’s coupon policy online, but if not, don’t be afraid to ask for it in person. If you run into a disagreement over coupons you wish to use, always be respectful and polite.

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