5 Money Savings Tips From Celebrities

money savings tips

Saving money isn’t just for the everyday folks as there are even celebrities who know the value of a dollar. Some celebrities would rather be frugal with their hard earned money than to go on a buying spree of expensive items. Whether it be clipping coupons or shopping wisely, they’ve got a few tips that may help you get motivated to saving money even more.

Can’t go wrong with freebies

Of course celebrities may get free stuff from companies or their sponsors, but who doesn’t like free stuff. Eva Longoria saved on her goodie bags for her guest at her $1.5 million wedding because she scored a ton of freebies such as L’Oreal and Bebe products. While out of town, she may even score some freebies for her friends and herself.

Budget is not a bad word

Some people may cringe at the word budget, but Zooey Deschanel is not one of those people. Her total net worth is $3,916,300, however, she only spends $22,550 a month. Here’s a peek at what her month budget consists of.

Telephone, cell phone and email — $300
Dining out — $500
Laundry — $600
Utilities — $800
Groceries and household supplies — $1,000
Clothes — $2,000
Charity — $1,500

Celebrities love coupons

Kristen Bell and Carrie Underwood don’t mind saving by using coupons. Bell told late-night host Conan O’Brien that she uses a lot of coupons. Her favorite coupons are from Bed, Bath and Beyond. Underwood enjoys the savings she get and even sits down to clip coupons herself.

Thrifty shopping

First Lady Michelle Obama is well known for her thrifty shopping at Target. She may even be spotted at times sporting outfits from discount stores such as H&M.

Although you may see Reese Witherspoon on the red carpet in a stunning dress that could pay for a new car alone, she doesn’t pay to spend luxuriously on fashion. Witherspoon will recycle her outfits by trading them with her friends that are the same size or be spotted doing a bit of shopping at GAP, Neiman Marcus or J. Crew.

Saving money from a paycheck

Did you know that Jay Leno saves money from his paychecks? He has been doing that since he was younger and continues to this day. For instance, the money he makes as a comedian he would spend, while money that he makes from TV he would place in the bank and not spend. That’s one way to make sure he has a safety net and still be able to add to his car collection.

Do you have any money savings tips?

Photo Credit:  istockphoto.com