5 Kendall cohesive bandage tips 


Kendall cohesive bandages have different uses including sports strapping which I believe that all the sportsmen and women in this world should possess. However, for you to properly use this bandage, there are tips that you should master to get the most out of it.

Dressing retention

Cohesive bandages are very easy and quick to use, and therefore they are the best when it comes to retaining dressing or blood tape. For instance, the low adherent dressings. Why is this the perfect bandage? All you need to do is gently place the dressing on the wound the immediately followed with you wrapping it over with using the cohesive bandage. Kendall cohesive bandages are very stretchy which allows you to apply high compression ensuring that you contain the bleeding. However, if you are in a hurry, you can remove the dressing and apply the cohesive bandage on the wound directly.

Ankle support

In the sporting world, athletes tend to experience a lot of minor ankle injuries that can be managed. So how do you handle it? First of all, ensure that the injured part is cooled using an ice pack, apply the cohesive bandage to provide support and offer a compression wrap. First, wrap the ankle around a number of times then proceed in a pattern resembling the number eight while crossing over the front while leaving the heel exposed. Ensure that you wrap the cohesive bandages a little bit in front of the ankle to ensure that the bandage appears on the lower leg as if it was a normal sock. Do not apply too much pressure when using the cohesive bandage to avoid putting too much stretch which may cause constrict. The constrict may cause the leg to swell from the inside causing it to turn blue.

Shin pad wrap

The Kendall cohesive bandage secures you shin pad in an easy and fast way to ensure that they do not move around causing so much discomfort. So what you will do is first wrap the shin pad onto your legs. Tear off the tape and start by pressing the loose end down and wrap the entire shield or if you are in a hurry, you can wrap the bottom and top.

Rugby lifting straps

If you are a rugby fan, you will notice that it is difficult for the players when they are lifting each other during the lineout. However, this problem can be avoided through the use of cohesive bandages by giving the players something to hold on when you are lifting each other. First, create straps using something like a slice of foam pipe insulation which is then taped on the thighs of the player using Kendall cohesive bandages to ensure the players won’t have a painful time unwrapping it after the game.

Animal bandage

Cohesive bandages are commonly used with animals such as dogs simply because they are not sticky and therefore allows the caregiver to easily and quickly remove the bandage from the animal without pulling hair or fur from the animal which can be painful.