4 Ways to Celebrate 2014 in Style


One of the first things some of us think about when December 25th is over is catching post-Christmas sales. The second thing is what to wear while ringing in the New Year. And let me add a third thing: to decide how you’ll celebrate the New Year, and coming days, in style.

I’m not just talking about what you’re gonna wear on New Year’s Eve; I’m also talking about how you celebrate. Let me explain:

1. Instead of PJ’s and popcorn with the kids on the couch watching the ball drop, invite a couple of their closest friends, plush up the backyard, hang your sheet for a screen (or move your TV), add a tent, an outdoor heater or fireplace, and ring in the New Year under the stars. Add candles and fireflies (glitter and lights or candles) in mason jars and really enjoy the experience.

2. If you’re not much of a home-body and you just have to get out of the house to dance and party, then grab your already broken-in glittery heels (new shoes are not the way to go at a New Year’s), slip into your foxiest dress, and don’t forget your lipstick, your most figure-flattering coat, and enjoy a night out with the girlfriends.

3. If you don’t want to leave the house or the kids, but still want to have a party, then bring the celebration to you. Use simple yet elegant decorations, purchase a little bubbly (leaded and unleaded), a few tasty treats, great music, and a large TV for ball-drop viewing. Quick, easy and fun.

4. Finally, for financially savvy chicas, take that rainy-day savings and treat you and your beau to a trip to France or a private yacht cruise for a weekend. What better way to bring in the New Year than to take in the view of a different country or the expansive sky over an ocean?

Now that’s style.

Seriously, whatever you decide to do to bring in the New Year just add a little panache and it’s all good. Now take that stylish mentality into 2014 and rock it all year long.

Photo credit: Thinkstock