4 Steps for Couples to Get Out of a Rut

Couple in a Rut

It’s never a thrilling revelation when you realize that your relationship with the one you love has gone from exciting and spontaneous to routine and…well, let’s just say it:  Boring.  Adult responsibilities have a tendency to invade any relationship and morph it into something that resembles a numbing daily routine that has only a few brighter spots when a schedule revolves around a favorite television show on a couple of days of the week.  What is one to do when they find themselves stuck in a rut?

Risqué Food Prepping

You may have to be the one to initiate a change and inject a little excitement into things.  Find some ordinary routine, but put your own unique twist on it.  For example, dinner has to be made every day, but plan one that isn’t too messy or fussy to make so that you may fix it up while being all dolled up yourself.  Making dinner in a sexy dress and some high heels would give your partner something to look at while you stir up the meal.  You may stir up something else in your partner while you’re at it, too.

Start a Food Fight

You read that correctly.  Start a random food fight with your partner.  It’s not suggested that you choose spaghetti night to do it (unless you’re feeling really risky or love to clean), but maybe start by tossing a small piece of popcorn in his direction while watching TV.  Then a couple more might get lobbed his direction.  The purpose of this is to release the tension the two of you have endured in the day-to-day grind and just let it out and laugh.

Play a Game

Any kind of game will do, as long as it brings the two of you together.  If you both like video games, find one that has a co-op mode and work together to reach the same goal, or go for a fun competition by going head-to-head.  Sometimes an old school board game is a better way to go.  It gets the television turned off and the focus back on the two of you.  There are newer games out there, like Apples to Apples and Cards Against Humanity, that are like Mad Libs for adults.

Conspire to “Kidnap” Him

Talk to your partner’s friends, co-workers and boss to see if there’s a day where he’s not completely needed at work and where you can work out a time to “kidnap” him from his job at lunch time to take him out for a fun and unusual day.  In warmer months, a nice picnic at a park would be a relaxing change, or taking a tour through a local museum that the two of you have talked about seeing “someday”.  Have his friends and co-workers help you plan how to get him out of his cube farm and the rest is up to you.

Don’t think that getting out of the daily rut has to be something big.  It’s the little things that may help break up the monotony for you both.  Get creative and find your spontaneous side again by searching for opportunities on any random day to make the boring things a little more fun for you both.

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