4 Fun Crafty Ways to Reuse Toilet Paper Rolls


Did you know that the average family uses 75 rolls of toilet paper a year? Amazing, right? I thought so, too! That is quite a lot of toilet paper rolls that get tossed away if you think about it. Now, I’m one that would try to reuse items when possible and I have to admit, I do have a few of those rolls stashed away in my craft box for when inspiration may kick in. Well, now I’m not sure what to do with them, but luckily I found some creative uses for toilet paper rolls.

1. Plant Pots for Seeds

If you are wanting to grow some vegetables when it starts to get warm but don’t want to purchase the little trays to start your seeds, then using the rolls would be a great idea. You would use a toilet paper roll for each seed. With each roll, cut about 5 to 6 slits on one end. After that, fold the tabs down so that you would have a nice, flat bottom. Place some potting soil inside the roll along with your seed and you are done. No worries on thinking the soil will fall out as the folded tabs will hold up very well.

2. Bowling Game

This is simple and fun! Place 9 of the rolls to simulate the bowling pins on a lane. You can even paint them white along with a red ring at the top. Grab a small ball and bowl a strike!

3. Separate Cords

I have so many cords around the house that it can get a little crazy. There are cords that I have to remove and put aside, later on forgetting what went with what. The best thing you could do is give each cord its separate tube. Fold the cord in the tube and label the tube with the name of the electronic the cord belongs to. Less mess and less stress in connecting them to the wrong device.

4. Kids’ Imagination

Let your kids pick out the rolls they want to use and allow them to give the rolls some shape and form. Boggly eyes, stickers, markers, paint, pipe cleaners, etc. Anything crafty that you have on the side that your kids can use can give them a world of imagination. They could build wild animals and monsters and create a puppet show.

What creative ways can you come up with by reusing toilet paper rolls?

Photo credit: Thinkstock