4 Creative and Practical Storage Ideas for Kids Rooms

Storage for kids roomsManaging your space in an apartment is no easy task, especially when you add kids to the equation. If you need some structure in your home, the best way to go about it is to organize your space and, most important: declutter, declutter, declutter.

Regardless of whether you live in Miami, Tampa, or Atlanta, the following ideas can help you make more room in your home without any major installations:

Add shelves

There’s no need to shy away from adding shelves. Even though they might take up a little bit of space, just imagine all of the ways you can use them. For instance, instead of books and toys spread all over the house, kids can organize their belongings on the shelves and assign each toy to a certain shelf. Plus, you can even get creative by repurposing old things like skateboards, crates, pallets, or drawers to create your shelves.

Use multi-functional furniture

Kids roomSave space and money by using furniture that is practical and efficient—and that also takes up minimum space. As an example, choose a kid’s bed with drawers underneath to store anything that’s not used daily, such as sheets, pillows, or seasonal clothes. Similarly, a bunk bed with a desk incorporated below or a play area is also a good option when you want to create more space and more room for storage.

Build storage benches

Storage benches always come in handy, whether they’re for toys, clothes, shoes, or any other belongings. Plus, this practical piece of furniture immediately gives any room a more stylish and distinguished look. Place it at the end of a bed or near a window to make organizing easier. Or, if building is not your thing or you don’t have time for it, there are plenty of storage benches you can buy pre-made—just find the one that best suits your needs.

Buy wicker baskets or plastic containers

Finally, a wicker basket is possibly the most common organizing tool there is. Put it anywhere in the room and use it for storing anything—from clothes and toys to books and gadgets. Typically, plastic containers are preferable so you can see what’s inside, making it easier to quickly find what you need.

Kids StorageAuthor: Florentina Sarac is a creative writer, editor, and researcher for RENTCafé. She covers a variety of topics, including real estate trends, demographic shifts, housing industry news, multifamily construction, homeownership, smart-home technology, personal finance, and business.