4 Backyard Party Money Saving Tips

backyard partyHave you ever been on Pinterest or been flipping through a home decor magazine and seen backyard party spreads fit for a king? Did you drool over all the fancy sparkly lights and decorations and long to throw a party just like that only to look in your wallet and realize it just wasn’t going to happen?

If so, you’re definitely not alone. You have to remember, those magazine spreads are designed to draw you in and sell. They have sky-high budgets where anything goes. For us normal people, most of those ideas aren’t possible. However, it is possible to throw an extravagant backyard party without the extravagant price!

1. Light up the night!

One thing that really makes a backyard party look great is strategically placed lighting. If you plan for your party to go well into the night, try using regular old brown paper lunch sacks, fill them about a quarter of the way with sand, and place a small tea light in the middle. Line your walkways with these little gems for a dramatic effect that costs very little.

Another brilliant idea (see what I did there?) is to use Christmas lights to decorate a deck or patio area. They aren’t just for the holidays, you know.

2. Sitting around in style!

Not enough outdoor furniture to accommodate your guests? Don’t go out and buy new furnishings. Bring your living room furniture outside instead. Seriously, if the weather is going to be dry, bring it out, including the coffee table and end tables and create a comfy, cozy place to socialize with guests.

Bring your inside decor outside, too. Place centerpieces on tables for an extra special touch.

3. A feast fit for a king!

You don’t have to spend a great deal of money on eats and treats for your guests. To really get the most bang for everyone’s buck, ask guests to each bring one dish to pass. This way, you’ll end up with quite a spread and no one will have to spend a great deal of money.

If you decide to forgo the potluck idea, provide finger foods such as mini hot dogs or sandwiches, along with chips and dip. You don’t need to provide a full course dinner to keep your guests happy.

4 Drink up!

This one is a no-brainer in my book. Provide bottled water and soda in two-liter bottles (buy the store brand). Keep a cooler of ice and a stack of cups along with a sharpie marker so people can write their names on the cups. If you want to provide booze, keep in mind that mixed drinks tend to go farther than bottled beer or wine. Better yet, ask your guests to bring their own booze. That way, everyone drinks what they want and you keep money in your wallet.

Summer is all about spending time with family and friends and enjoying the warm weather. With a little creativity, you can throw  a backyard party that your guests will talk about for months!


Photo Credit:  Thinkstock