4 Apps to Help You Keep Resolutions

Apps to Help You Keep Resolutions

Fess up, how many of you have made resolutions in the past and flared out within a few weeks? If you’re one of the many who’ve done this, repeatedly, don’t feel too alone. According to a Study by the University of Scranton only 8 percent of people are actually successful at completing their New Year’s Resolutions! By the end of January, nearly 40 percent of resolution-makers have given up. Not this year! Here are a few apps that can help keep you on track to making your resolution.

4 Apps to Help You Keep Resolutions

My Fitness Pal: This free app is really easy to use on your computer or your mobile device. You can track your workouts and your meals. When you first log on, you set in your statistics and receive a target calorie goal. You can track how many calories you eat and burn with just a few pushes of the button. Another fun feature: you can add your own recipes, so if you make your mom’s famous chili frequently, you won’t have to add all of the ingredients to your log every time you eat. This app is free.

Quitter: If you’re trying to give up the cigarettes, this app can help keep your motivation going when it gets harder to resist the pull of nicotine. This app can actually be used for any bad habit that costs money (eating out etc.). You simply enter your old habit and it tracks how much you save over time by stopping your habit. It’s going to be harder to puff on a cigarette or grab a burger from the drive through when you can see you’ve gone without for 30 days and saved a hundred dollars!

Money Pad: This easy-to-use app is perfect if you’re trying to get control over your budget. You can monitor several bank accounts, track your expenses and savings and monitor your credit cards. The app will even help you break your expenses into categories so you can see where you need to cut back a little. This visual app will make it a little easier to say no to temptation because you can see it all in black and white. The best part: It’s free!

Any Do: I actually have this app on my phone (My Fitness Pal too). I love it. The free version is essentially a trumped up to-do list. It allows you to set reminders and choose the time of day you need to have your to-do’s done. The paid app has a few more benefits including choosing themes, scheduling more detailed information and reminding you to return missed phone calls. You can even send reminders to your Gmail account and set the reminders from your inbox. It’s easy to use and jingles your phone to remind you of an upcoming appointment or task.

Keeping New Year’s resolutions is hard, but not impossible. These free apps can help you stay on track. If you slip up, don’t let one bad day get you down. Readjust your goals and keep going forward!

Have you used any apps to help you keep resolutions?

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