3 Simple DIY Crafts for Your Thanksgiving Table

Depending on the size of your table, the decorations for your Thanksgiving table may reach from elaborate to maybe non-existent. For my own personal dinner table, the seating of four doesn’t make for much room for decorations. However you can get creative with one of these three simple ideas that you can do yourself. These won’t take much time to do and you will have a nice centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table.

Monogrammed Pumpkin Place Settings

DIY Monogrammed Pumpkin Place Settings Thanksgiving

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You will only need a few small pumpkins, paint color of your choice and letter stencils. With each pumpkin, you will use the letter stencil of your guest’s first name and trace it on the pumpkin. Take the color that you chose and fill in the letter. You can also freehand the letters if you are comfortable in doing so. The pumpkins can then be placed on each guest plate at the table along with decorative, fall cloth napkins.

Corn Seed Candles

DIY Corn Seed Candles Thanksgiving

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I love this idea! This one is very simple to do and really inexpensive. The candle and glass vases you could easily find at a dollar store and the corn seeds at your local grocery store. For a tall vase, you would fill it halfway with corn and use a medium size candle to place on top of the corn. If you prefer something smaller, you can use a small drinking glass, filling it halfway and using votive candles. Plain white candles will bring out the color of the corn and stand out more. If you have candy corn, that could be used in place of the corn seeds to have a more colorful appearance.

Recipe Souvenirs

DIY Recipe Souvenirs Thanksgiving

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If you don’t mind sharing the recipes that everyone will be indulging, you could have recipe cards next to each dish that was prepared. You would print out multiple copies of the recipes on card stock paper and then cut them out. The cards could then be stacked in a small wooden box. Therefore, your Aunt Sarah’s special pumpkin pie or your dad’s buttered biscuits can be shared with everyone. You can share all or only a few and keep the best recipes for yourself.

How do you decorate your Thanksgiving table?