3 Rainy Day Games: Your Kids Won’t Say I’m Bored Again!

angry birdsThe last thing I want to hear on a rainy day is, “Mama, I’m bored!”, three different times. This comes after they have exhausted the tent building idea. I can’t just send them all outside, or can I? Who am I kidding, I don’t want to clean up a muddy mess. Better yet, I could say, let’s all have a nap. I can hear the groans now. Days like these can be dreary and seem to drag on, but I did manage to find a few indoor game ideas. These would definitely get them into a fun mood and not even know what the word bored means.

Masking Tape Race Track

My six year old son has tons, I mean tons, of small cars. It’s crazy! I think this is just the coolest idea.

What you’ll need:
2 – 3 Rolls of masking tape
Hotwheels cars or other small cars

What to do:
Take a roll of masking tape and have the kids build the race track. They can start from one end of the room and pull the masking tape throughout the house (or designated area for them to play) onto the floor. They can make curves and straight lines like an actual track. If they want to be more creative, they can add small boxes or blocks to simulate buildings. After everyone has had their fun, the tape can be pulled up without effort and leaving your floors or carpet unsticky.

Googly Eyes Photos

My kids got a kick out of these activity. It made for interesting pictures.

What you’ll need:
Googly eyes
Old magazines

What to do:
Find pictures of people or objects in a magazine and place googly eyes on them. That’s it! This will make for crazy looking pictures that the kids can hang up if they glue the eyes on the magazine pages. It’s even funnier when there are random sizes and colors of the eyes.

DIY Angry Birds Game

Are your kids addicted to Angry Birds? Mine are and I must admit, so am I!

What you’ll need:
Green plastic cups
Black Sharpie marker
3 small bean bags

What to do:
On each green cup, draw one of the pig characters. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be an artist.
Stack the cups on top of each other to form a pyramid. You can stack them on the floor or table.
Throw a ball or bean bag at the cups to try to knock them all down. Keep trying until you have used up your three tries.

You can also use different color bean bags to represent each Angry Bird and even drawing or gluing on the faces of the birds.

Which of these three games would your kids play?

Photo Credit:  Thinkstock