28 Days of Love and Counting


We’ve recently celebrated Valentine’s Day, but the extra love shouldn’t have stopped there. Those special gifts and treats you gave to your sweetheart or that special attention you spent on them should continue all year long.

Does the entire year sound like too much to handle? Well, let’s start small. How about 28 days of love. I chose that number because it’s symbolic of February – the love month. Makes it easy to remember, right?

Here’s the deal: Take 28 days a few times a year and show your special loved one a little extra attention. The gestures you choose don’t have to be on a grand scheme (although that is allowed), and if you can’t think of anything let me get you started:

  1. Love notes never go out of style.
  2. Dessert before dinner sweetens the moment.
  3. Use their Love Language to well, show the love.
  4. Buy that new flavored ice cream they’ve been talking about.
  5. Surprise him with a homemade lunch during the week.
  6. Fulfill a fantasy.
  7. Write a short love story starring the two of you.
  8. Schedule movie night.
  9. Buy a tripod and take photos for his eyes only.
  10. Redecorate the bedroom using his favorite colors.
  11. Iron his clothes for the week.
  12. Leave a note in lipstick on the mirror (proposition him).
  13. Get a copy of his fav magazine and drink then give him 30 minutes of quiet.
  14. Wear something sexy. In heels. All day.
  15. Make arrangements for a dad & kid outing. Just hand him instructions.
  16. Do his chores for him.
  17. Heat his side of the bed on a cold night.
  18. Watch his favorite sport or movie together.
  19. Buy (or pick) flowers for him.
  20. Maybe he wants a box of chocolates…
  21. … or jewelry.
  22. Arrange a guys only get together.
  23. Remember that gadget he wanted? Go ahead, buy it.
  24. Full-body massage, anyone? Birthday suits for everyone.
  25. Bathe together.
  26. Bathe him.
  27. Stop what you’re doing, every time he’s talking, and pay attention.
  28. Make a scrapbook of your love story and read it to him.

The payoff is a closer and more loving relationship with the one you love. Pause for a few days or even a month or two then start all over again.

Photo Credit: Thinkstock